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reviewed Housewares Deals. May 16, 2011
Housewares Deals
A great site for housewares, kitchen gadgets, dinnerware, and more is They have only one deal per day, and you need to jump in fast because once it's gone it's gone.   …
reviewed May 02, 2011 is a very cute website where girls can design their own clothes to wear. It's super easy, user friendly, and if you need it, will show show you a how-to demo. From …
reviewed BestDeal Magazines. February 05, 2011
BestDeal Magazines is a discount magazine website with a huge selection of annual subscriptions --most for $4.69 and $5.95. That's not much more than the price of one issue of most magazines on …
reviewed GroupOn. February 05, 2011
There’s a saying in Chinese, 团结是力量 (unity is strength). This is the concept behind the business model of the billion dollar company GROUPON. The site is now valued at some $6 billion after …
reviewed Quiznos' Free Kids Meals. June 27, 2010
Quiznos' free kids meals
What is it--tip, coupon, product, something else?   Free kids meal     When / where did you discover it?      Today How has it saved you money?   …
reviewed Subscribe & Save. June 24, 2010
Subscribe & Save offers 15% off AND free shipping on anything you routinely use, automatically delivering a shipment every one, two, three, or six months. Free shipping plus a discount put the service …
reviewed Boot Scoot Bikes "Zoomer". June 24, 2010
Boot Scoot Bikes
I recently learned about the idea of balance bikes for young kids (also called peddle-less bikes).  Basically, they're bikes without peddles, intended for kids to learn balance prior to tackling …
reviewed June 16, 2010
More and more people are growing their own food--either to save money, to avoid pesticides and enjoy fresher produce, or both.   You may also have fruit trees where you live. We were happily surprised …
reviewed Free Summer Bowling for Kids. June 14, 2010
Free Summer Bowling for Kids
  I previously wrote about free museum days, free summer movies, and now here’s another great free activity to keep the kids busy during the summer—bowling! Brunswick is offering …
reviewed Online Event Planner. June 01, 2010 Online Event Planner
     Today I want to let you know about It's your virtual party planner for any kind of event, and the best part is that it's free! It makes planning everything from a …
reviewed Budget Movie-Going for Children. May 15, 2010
Free (and Almost Free) Summer Movies for Kids
Updated with the latest information for summer, 2011      Free (and almost free) summer movies for kids are back again this summer!   Keep in mind, most, if not all, of these …
reviewed Solar Leases. April 19, 2010
Solar Lease
I never would have thought installing solar panels would save me money because I assumed the up-front installation cost would be exhorbitant. But then I found out you can lease panels--the company installed my …
reviewed Solar Leases. April 16, 2010
Solar Lease
   Did you know that you can lease solar panels for your home?  The company installs the panels for free and then you pay monthly the same or less than what you used to pay for electricity.  …
reviewed Homemade Laundry Detergent. April 14, 2010
Make Your Own Laundry Detergent
I recently took the plunge and tried a frugal experiment I'd been thinking about for awhile. Some of you may want to try this one yourself, and some of you may think this one's going a little …
reviewed March 23, 2010
Mint Logo is a great website that will force you to see where every dollar you spend goes, and that alone should save anyone a few bucks. I started using it in December of '09, when I banked with …
reviewed museum free days. March 12, 2010
What is it--tip, coupon, product, something else?   tip-At museums throughout Los Angeles offer free admission days, some are weekly and some are once a month. The article below lists them out. …
reviewed Free Admission to Museums, Zoos, & Mo.... March 12, 2010
Free Admission to Museums, Zoos, & More for Bank of America Customers
If you're looking for some fun and frugal activities, Bank of America has a program called Museums on Us for their customers.      The first full weekend of every month, just show …
reviewed Free Photo Books. March 12, 2010 Free Photo Books
This seems almost too good to be true, but you can get a free photo book at here, and even the shipping is free! What's even better is that you can get a free photo book every month! If …
reviewed WalMart Free Samples. March 11, 2010
WalMart Free Samples      Go to, click on "In Stores Now" on the lower left, then on "Free Samples"      …
reviewed Home Depot Free Home Improvement Work.... March 11, 2010
Home Depot Free Home Improvement Workshops
Lots of us are saving money by "doing it ourselves" when it comes to home repair and remodeling, and Home Depot is more than willing to help us out.       They offer free …
reviewed Lowe's and Home Depot Free Kids' DIY .... March 11, 2010
Lowe's and Home Depot Free Kids' DIY Workshops
Lowes and Home Depot offer project workshops for kids, often with a seasonal theme, and they're free!      I love the idea of getting kids working with wood and nails, and they'll …
reviewed March 10, 2010
On, you can print coupons for groceries (and some health, beauty, and other items) for free.      Most of the mainstream grocery brands are represented on the site, including …
reviewed March 09, 2010
If restaurant meals are a splurge, or you just want to eat out more often without the guilt, you must check out offers $25 certificates for participating …
reviewed March 09, 2010
I have mentioned this site on twitter, but wanted to say more than 140 characters will let me. is one of my favorite websites, and I think there are lots of you who would love it too! …
reviewed Entertainment Book and Attractions Bo.... March 09, 2010
Entertainment Book and Attractions Book - Local Coupons
Almost every major city offers either the Entertainment Book, the Attractions Book or both.       These are coupon books, and I mean books, not booklets, filled with local coupons …
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